All electrical and electronic devices are vulnerable to over-voltage transient caused by a switching event or lightning activity. A transient event potentially spikes voltage by several thousand volts and either damage the device or reduces its lifespan. A surge protection device added to electrical and electronic installations prevents excess voltage from reaching the terminals of delicate equipment. When an over voltage event occurs, the surge protection equipment diverts the excess current that flows to the earth and thus protects electrical and electronic equipment.

Surge Protection Device

Devtech Surge Guard

Surge Guard 1506/1510/1520 from Devtech is not only a robust 10kV/20kV but also a combined Type 2+3/Class II+III series device that is designed to protect all critical and sensitive electrical and electronic devices from getting damaged by high voltage surges and overvoltage transients that indirect lightning, PF capacitor bank, utility switching, or load switching often causes. The Surge Guard that helps to reduce equipment downtime is ideally suited for providing maximum protection to outdoor lighting investments. Further, the surge protection device can be added to any new/existing lighting solution irrespective of the technology employed HID, LED, Induction, or Plasma.

Key Features of Surge Protection Device From Devtech

  • Provides maximum protection to all the electrical and electronic devices employed in both commercial and industrial lighting applications, ensuring their safety and lifetime value
  • MOV technology is employed in the design of the device to offer increased protection to the equipment
  • The Surge Guard complies with EN/IEC 61643-11 standard when it comes to providing surge protection
  • DSG 1506V resists peak transients and several nominal voltage surges up to 6kV/3kA, while DSG 1510V and DSG 1520V resist peak transients and several nominal voltage surges up to 10kV/5KA and 20kV/10kA, respectively
  • When it comes to single hit surge, DSG 1506V resists surges up to 12kV/6kA, while DSG 1510V and DSG 1520V resist surged up to 20kV/10kA and 40kV/20kA, respectively
  • Surge Guard is a series connection type protection device
  • Protects luminaries of type Class I and Class II
  • Works well with all lighting technologies such as HID, LED, Induction, and Plasma, among others
  • The lightweight Surge Guard is easy to install
  • High level of reliability
  • The robust Surge Guard lasts longer and is dust, moisture, extreme temperature, and vibration resistant
  • Reduces downtime and operation, repair, and maintenance costs
  • The compact surge protection device (Length X Width X Height – 82mm X 35mm X 19mm) comes with mounting flanges
  • The Surge Guard offers ove rvoltage protection solution to all OEM/ODM manufacturers

When using Devtech’s Surge Protection Device DSG, maximum surge protection can be achieved by installing it in series with the luminaire. In the event of a surge, the device limits the voltage at the luminaire’s terminals, diverts the excessive current flow, and protects the system from any kind of damage.

About Devtech M2M

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