Lighting automation -

Globally, lighting as an industry is growing at an alarming pace with projected value of around 2000 million USD. USA and Europe are the first movers in this space with Asian countries following the suite.

Lighting Automation Technology

In today’s technological world everything is controlled and monitored by smart touch then why don’t light? This demand gave birth to lighting automation technology.

Lighting Automation is a sphere used for remote monitoring and controlling of outdoor as well as indoor lights.

Lighting automation system is used to Switch ON/ OFF lights.

In some cases we can use automation to dim the light. In case of street lights we do not require more brightness during mid night instead; we require more brightness during evening. Lighting automation provide us require brightness as per the requirement without any manual intervention.

As the demand of electric energy increases day by day due to the entry of new upcoming electronic devices / gadgets in human life, there is a gap between supply and demand. So let’s use this electronic technology itself as an energy saving tool. Lighting Automation gives us control of all lighting devices on our desktop monitor or we can control our lighting through our smart phones. This technology helps us to control our lighting load with a single click.

A Key Factor in Energy Saving

In this fast moving world, people prefer to buy in malls and commercial complexes as they get so many options under single umbrella. Many people choose these commercial complexes as amusement center. Light plays vital role in these crowded commercial complexes. So lighting automation is a key factor in energy saving in these commercial complexes.

In industrial scenario man hour cost has also increased, so deputing person for fault analysis and resume the system is not an effective solution. Lighting automation provides us exact location and cause of the fault. So breakdown period is reduced. Engineers can also find real time data of a device through lighting automation. This feature of Lighting Automation is highly appreciated by industrials experts. Another major advantage of Lighting Automation is it provides total remaining life of a device which is very much useful in case of preventive maintenance.

Considering all these features of Lighting Automation System, this major industry is welcomed by this technocrat world!!