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LCG6000 (Individual Light Control & monitoring / RF Node) / LCG6000E (Economy variant)

LCG6000 / LCG6000E is an integral component of the smart street lighting solution and perfect choice for installers to automate their street lighting assets and take control and realize savings right from day one. The automation of the street lighting assets helps you to track and conserve energy and enables saving up to 30-50 percent. The module operates in the Sub-GHz RF (Radio Frequency) range of 433 MHz/860- 960 MHz worldwide ISM bands for international markets (USA/Europe/Australia/NZ). Devtech wireless LCG modules are agnostic and can be fitted to any lighting luminaire (HPS/MH/CMH/CDM-T, Induction, LED’s, Plasma etc.) equipped with Ballast/Driver on homogenous or heterogeneous lighting.

IoT 5103

IOT 5103 (Gateway / Data Aggregator)

IOT Gateway 5103 is a high performance M2M segment controller based on iQRF mesh technology which serves as a data concentrator or a gateway for a group of RF enabled Lighting Control Gear – LCG 6000 to connect with cloud enabled Software using WAN communication IP network such as 2G/3Gcellular, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi for remote monitoring & controlling operations of streetlight assets from the off-site location. This lets you to save energy, improve operations and lower maintenance cost.