Surge Guard 1510/1520 is a robust 10kV/20kV combined Type 2+3/ Class II+III series type protected Surge Protection Device (SPD) designed to protect the sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from damage by vulnerable high surges or over voltage transients caused by indirect lightning, utility switching, PF capacitor bank or load switching etc. and helps you to reduce costly downtime. Surge Guard is an ideal solution for maximum protection of outdoor lighting investments and can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology (HID/LED/Induction/Plasma etc.).

We have complete range of Surge Protection Device (SPD) solutions:

  1. Premium
  2. Superior
  3. Value Line SPD

We have obtained test reports from various 3rd party reputed labs after getting our Surge Protection Device (SPD) products successfully tested for IEC61643-11 & ANSI C 136.2-2015 e.g. ECM, Italy; BTH, Rai, Haryana, INDIA & Yadav Labs, Udaipur, INDIA.