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Smart Cities

Smart city solutions by devtech m2m

Smart cities are cities built on ‘Smart’ and ‘Intelligent’ solutions and technology that will lead to the adoption of at least 5 of the 8 following smart parameters—smart energy, smart building, smart mobility, smart healthcare, smart infrastructure, smart technology, smart governance and smart education, smart citizen Smart Governance and Smart Education Smart Citizen Smart Healthcare Smart Building Smart Energy 4G Smart Mobility Smart Technology Smart Infrastructure

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M2M solutions by devtech

At its most basic level M2M relates to connecting remote sensing, monitoring and actuating devices. However, it is about much more than that. Specifically it concerns enabling new business models and processes through the application of connectivity. The addition of this connectivity can provide a diverse range of benefits: • Increase IT efficiency for business and government.

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Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation solutions by devtech m2m

Lighting Automation is a sphere used for remote monitoring and controlling of outdoor as well as indoor lights. It is used to Switch ON/ OFF the lights. In some cases we can use automation to dim the light. This gives us remote access to the light, it can be a street light or a home light. As the demand of electric energy increases day by day due to the entry of new upcoming electronic devices / gadgets in human life, there is a gap between supply and demand.

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Devtech Megasaver

devtech megasaver

Devtech Megasaver ( DMS) is an unique energy saving product used to drive High intensity Discharge lamps (MH / HPS / CMH/ CDM – T/ CXL). It is a retrofit, single box solution which replaces conventional ignitor, PF capacitor, magnetic coil. It gives a constant light output for wide range of input voltages, lower THD (less than 10%) and Power Factor of near Unity (>0.98). The USP of the product is it can match the Lumen level of existing higher wattage lamps with Devtech Megasaver of lower wattage. Example 400W Magnetic Ballast with 400w HID lamp can be replaced with 250W Devtech Megasaver and 250w HID lamp to give similar lumen levels thus saving 40% energy. DMS is also protected for all the vulnerabilities like Short circuit, transient surge, inrush current. Devtech Megasaver is available in ratings like 35 to 400 Watts.

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Devtech Surge Guard

devtech surge guard

Devtech Surge Guard is the Voltage Surge protection device and is ideal solution for providing the maximum protection of Outdoor lighting investments and essential for all electrical installations in high risk areas. The Surge Guard offers protection without replacing a protective earth connection, making it an unique solution. Surge Guard is an addressable surge suppressor and this can be used for series as well as parallel configuration. It also has operational LED indications for the system fault indication. It can be automatically maintained by Surge Guard is available in various size like 10 kA / 20 kA / 40 kA.

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Devtech Group CMS

devtech group cms

Devtech Group Control Monitoring System is a GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/Equivalent proven technology installed in a feeder or switching point for remote monitoring and controlling group of street lights. It is group wise central monitoring system. Group Controller is an Automatic Street light control throughout the year on basis of precise sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location. It performs reporting of energy metering and failure information to central control station at variable time intervals. It achieves instant fault reporting via SMS along with fault information & details of location. Group Controller has built in astronomical feature with high precision real time clock.

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