The LED was invented more than 50 years back. It is being used in many ways now. It is used as indicators in instruments and digital clocks, in displays and signboards, and more recently for lighting homes and streets. The applications of LEDs are actually limitless. The increase in environmental awareness is also driving the use of LED lighting systems and LED Drivers as they are energy efficient and durable.

Choosing the right LED Driver

LED Street Lighting Systems

Municipalities around the world are increasingly looking to tap into the benefits offered by these lighting systems by replacing outdated energy-inefficient fixtures with LED street lights. When it comes to street lighting systems, there is a need to follow more rigorous standards. In addition to making decisions as regards illumination, colour, intensity, ingress protection, and connectivity, one of the most important aspects to be considered is the LED driver which supplies power and controls the LED. Therefore, some of the key factors to be considered when choosing a street light LED driver are as follows:

Position of the Streetlights  LED Driver

LED streetlights are expected to be durable and easy to maintain. The positioning of the LED driver inside the junction box fixed to the base of a streetlight, instead of the lighting fixture, makes maintenance easy. This is because the chances of the drivers failing are higher than the LED. This could also contribute to some savings in maintenance expenses.

Another aspect is that the temperature of a street light LED driver increases during operation. The thermal energy thus produced gets transferred to the LEDs if the driver is positioned close to the light. Higher levels of temperature can result in premature failure of LEDs. When the driver is placed within the junction box, the LEDs are not exposed to higher temperatures and, therefore, they last for a longer time.

Overvoltage and Surge Protection

LEDs operate at lower voltages. Therefore, they are sensitive to overvoltage when compared with traditional bulbs. A standard street light LED driver must be capable of withstanding power grid overvoltage of thousands of volts and lightning strikes that can be as high as ten thousands of volts. Electrostatic discharge during routine maintenance operations can also damage unprotected LEDs. Overvoltage also causes LEDs to age faster.   Therefore, adding a high-quality surge protector is important.

Having said that, Devtech M2M, a provider of smart city products, is a leader in street light LED driver manufacture. The technology-driven and ISO 9001:2015 certified company has its manufacturing facility in Pune. However, the company has offices across India

The dimmable LED driver from Devtech is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for outdoor lighting installations. These IP67 rated cutting-edge technology LED drivers are not only reliable but also efficient and offer excellent performance.

Devtech LED Driver (DLD) Features

  • Rating: From 100 Watts to 150 Watts
  • DC voltage output options: 12/24/36/48
  • Analog/PWM dimming options
  • Higher efficiency
  • Protections – OVP/SCP /OTP/OCP

They remain stable even if the input AC voltage fluctuates from 100 volts to 300 volts. In addition, they come with the ability to correct the power factor and ensure better efficiency.

Further, Devtech’s product range includes Premium, Superior, and Value Line surge protection devices that protect sensitive electronic and electrical equipment from getting damaged because of voltage transients or high surges.