World over the demand for electrical energy is on the rise due to the expansion of cities and towns, increased industrial activity, explosive growth in the construction sector, and introduction of various gadgets to make life more comfortable. On the other hand, the concern about depleting fossil fuel reserves, traditionally used for power generation, is mounting. A double-pronged approach in terms of conservation of energy and encouragement of the use of renewable energy sources is essential to tackle the situation. This is the basic premise on which we at Devtech M2M have developed the smart street light management system.

Smart Street Light Management System

Street Lighting

Street lighting is essential to ensure security in urban areas and enhance the quality of life. It also contributes to improving the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and riders. However, the brightness required at different times of the night is different and employing a system to manage the same can result in energy savings and provide cost benefits to municipalities and corporations. For instance, the brightness required during midnight is less compared to that required during the evening. Our automated street light management system controls brightness at different times of the night without any manual intervention. Statistics show that street lighting, including maintenance, represents 40 percent of the expenditure of a municipality.

Devtech’s RF-based Smart Street Light Management System

The lighting control system can be employed by municipalities and corporations to manage street lights, flood lamps, and high mast lighting. The system can also be used by large industries to manage lights deployed in shop floors, yards, and housing colonies, warehouses, and for the purpose of ensuring security. Railways, ports, mines, and stadiums can also enjoy energy savings by making use of this lighting control system.

Our lighting control system components include the Devtech Lighting Control Gear, Devtech Gateway and Software.

Devtech Lighting Control Gear

The RF-based Lighting Control Gear is fixed on to each lamp in the network to ensure control, energy savings, and problem identification. It enables efficient control of individual lamps from a command centre located at a faraway place.

Devtech Gateway

The Internet of Things (IoT) based Gateway is an M2M segment controller. The high-performance controller makes use of the IQRF mesh technology to collect data from a group of Lighting Control Gears that are RF enabled. The controller is connected with the cloud-enabled software through a WAN communication IP network like GSM/GPRS, 2G/3G cellular, Ethernet or Wi-Fi for the purpose of enabling remote monitoring and controlling the operations of street lights. This ensures energy savings, improved operations, and reduced maintenance costs.

Devtech Surge Guard

This voltage surge protection device is ideally suited for protecting the outdoor lighting investments. It is essential for all of the electrical installations, especially in high-risk areas, as it offers protection without replacing the earth connection.

Software is Devtech’s remote monitoring and control software for street light management system. This central management software enables users to set dimming schedules, receive lamp failure reports and provides energy consumption details (meter parameter readings), among others.

About Devtech M2M

As a research-driven organization, we at Devtech M2M constantly employ innovative technology for manufacturing smart street light management systems that help improve energy efficiency. We create open standards-based smart products employing Machine to Machine (M2M) technology which enables communication between wired and wireless systems and other devices.