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The Application Suite is a cloud based energy management software which can be used for remote monitoring. application is based on internationally accepted TALQ standards. It is available on various delivery modes like IaaS, SaaS, or standalone application hosted on the Customer site. It is hosted and served from our ISO 27001 certified Data Centres. It has monitoring features like Geo mapping, Energy Analysis, Lamp Life Time, Real Time Log. Smart scheduling helps incredibly in controlling applications. Whereas Real Time Logs, Energy Analytic, Graphical Views and Lamp Lifetime support greatly in monitoring the remotely installed lamps. The Web Based scalable software can be used with any intelligent hardware nodes or an intelligent network can be ported and incorporated into the as they evolve. It enables authorised end users to configure segment controller and collects segregates data collected by many such segment controllers. This data is then brought into central database.

  • Lighting Control Gear (LCG) suitable for HID/LED/Induction/Plasma lamps with Powerline or RF connectivity (Sub- Gig or WI Fl or Zigbee Compliant) for any type of the above lamp source with dimmable or non dimmable lamps.
  • Outdoor Lighting Bridge (OLB) to connect or extend a power line or Wireless network of sensors or nodes.
  • The DEVTECH M2M Server which is capable of accepting inputs from power line based sensors, RF/Wireless based sensors has a WAN interface like Ethernet/GPRS-2-4G capable or Fiber Optics or RF for transmission of data.
  • The Application Suite is the Cloud based energy management software available on various delivery modes like laaS, SaaS, or standalone hosted on the Customer site , which is hosted and served from our ISO 27001 certified Data Centers.
  • Mobile Apps for various platforms for loS, Android and Windows Phone enables administrators to allow their users to just operate and manage only the necessary functionalities as required to be dealt by the individual operators.

Cloud based energy management software

Product Description

cloud based remote monitoring software
  • The Central Monitoring Station of a Smart City or a Utility Center can view the entire aspects of the Smart City Assets, which will encompass various Sensors. In the it will primarily include the Street Lights and various Environmental sensors
  • can be used with any intelligent hardware nodes or end points of a Smart City or an Intelligent network can be ported and incorporated into the as they evolve. is available as Hosted or Stand Alone Application.
  • Street Lights are an important part of our utility networks. It is more important for a utility as Street Lights are the best form of national security measure against prevention of crimes, motor accidents, safe pedestrian travel, besides countless other advantages.
  • A bright city attracts tourists, enhances sidewalks, promenades and reduces stress on the existing public and other law enforcement agencies.
  • The utilities of this facility is also pressed with the growing demand to conserve energy, reduce carbon footprints and at the same time ensure safe and bright cities , no crimes and better infrastructure all the time.

How is this Possible?

cloud based energy management
DEVTECH M2M Ltd, is geared to provide all the necessary know-how and support to the Smart City Infrastructure providers, with a range of intelligent sensor networks that protect and enable them to monitor, control, report and expand their capabilities as they grow, thus protecting their investment.

  • is the Solution for Municipal City Planners, Smart City Managers, Township Planners, Large Plants, Parking Centers, Shopping Malls, Refiners, Airports, Seaports, etc.
  • Lanes, Street and formations are predominantly seen or present in all the facilities, which primarily consists of lighting points and other environmental sensors
  • The Application will provide all the necessary information for managing, monitoring, reporting and controlling of the city assets.
  • The various ingredients of the smart city network will include various sensors like environmental sensors, smart meters, PHEV charge stations, Energy storage cabinets, security sensors.
  • With cities getting Smart or an existing city planning to be a future Smart City will be driven with the need of plethora of sensors , networks and engagement all resulting in a requirement of a very robust, scalable platform which is ready to capture the inputs of the measurement data generated by the Smart City Infrastructure
  • Lighting alone represents about 19% of the world´s total electrical consumption.
  • Smart City network has to be sustainable and take into account the ever growing and rapidly changing face of t By implementing the, city planners can be sure that it will fetch them savings by use of information, reduce and plan inventories, manage crew and schedule, monitor the Demand side profiles and help build and provide inputs to the city electrical department, enable smart environment and weather data availability, etc. and many more such features.