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Devtech Surge Guard

DEVTECH Surge Guard 1510/1520 is a robust 10kV/20kV combined Type 2+3/Class II+III series type thermally protected SPD designed to protect the sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from damage by vulnerable high surges or over voltage transients caused by indirect lightning, utility switching, PF capacitor bank or load switching etc and helps you to reduce costly downtime. It is provided with LED status indicators and optically isolated digital outputs for remote monitoring of surge guard with lighting controller device (LCG). Surge Guard is a ideal solution for maximum protection of outdoor lighting investments and can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology (HID/LED/Induction/Plasma etc).

Key Features

  • Maximizes the protection level, lifetime value and safety of all electrical and electronic end equipments used in Industrial, Commercial & lighting applications.
  • Designed with specialized thermally embedded MOV technology to offer quick thermal response and increased protection level to the end devices.
  • Provides a very fine protection level against high surges in accordance with EN/IEC 61643-11.
  • Offers lower inductance than most discrete solutions available in the market resulting in much improved clamping performance to fast over voltage transients.
  • Provides resistant to peak transients and multiple nominal surges of rating up to 10kV/ 5KA (1510) , 20kV/10kA (1520).
  • Provides Maximum-level of protection with single hit surge of rating up to 20 kV /10 kA (1510), 40kV/20kA(1520).
  • Built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection to prevent catastrophic failure and fire hazard even under the extreme circumstances SPD’s end-of-life (EOL) or sustaining repetitive high surges over voltage conditions.
  • Series / Parallel connection type SPD device
  • Protection for Class I and Class II luminaires, Universal solutions
  • Highly visible LED status indicators provide Surge Guard protection status at a glance. SG is protected when both is lit. LED1 indication for L-N & L-E protection (Normally ON). LED2 indication for N-E protection (Normally ON).
  • Can be used with all lighting technologies (HID/LED/Induction/Plasma etc).
  • Provided with optically isolated digital outputs to connect with Lighting controller device (LCG) for remote monitoring of Surge Guard protection status (SG failure) from Devtech’s iStreet.Network software.
  • SPD end of life (EOL) indication by LED status indicator and disconnection.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Hardwired, in-line format.
  • Maximum reliability management.
  • Long lifetime, robust protection against dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperature.
  • Lowers costly downtime and Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) costs.
  • Compact form factor LXWXH (48mmX63mmX47mm) with mounting flanges.
  • Quiet, cool operation and Environmentally friendly.
  • Comprehensive warranty.
  • Compliant to EMC, Performance, Safety, RoHS and CE Standards
  • Wide spread market solution for all OEM/ODM manufacturers
  • For SPD protection against Floating / Missing Neutral fault condition in 3 Phase Power Distribution system, it is recommended to use 510VAC voltage rating Surge Guard model and is available upon request.

Maximizes the protection ,lifetime value and safety of outdoor lighting installations in high risk areas

Devtech Surge Guard offers a most reliable and robust solution for protecting all outdoor power supplies from excessive surge voltages. Rapidly increasing demands for LED lighting system for outdoor applications in high risk areas brings new challenges on the system durability. In order to maximize the durability and reliability of LED lighting investment, it is vital to protect the light engine against high surges on the mains line. Most of the LED drivers offer a limited level of surge protection (up to 2kV- 4kV) which is not enough to defend against high surges, e.g. (indirect) lightning strikes. Outdoor lighting applications such as street lighting, commercial / industrial lighting and Ware house parking lots etc are especially susceptible for the excessive surge.
Maximum surge protection is achieved by installing Surge Guard 1510/1520 with the luminaire using Series or Parallel connection type. In Parallel connection type , if SG fails, luminaire continues to work without any surge protection level and gets damaged for the next surge hit, whereas in Series type if SG fails, it will disconnect luminaire from the supply thus providing the ultimate protection to luminaries from surge failures. During the Surge conditions , SG clamps or limits high surge voltage (1.2/50μs waveform) present at the terminals of the luminaire, and divert excessive surge currents (8/20ìs waveform) into short circuit conditions thus protecting the complete system from damage by multiple nominal surges of up to 20 kV/10 kA and single hit of 40 kV/20 kA.

Repetitive Surge Capability

surge impulse

Technical Data

Model No. 1510 1520
Class Type 2+3/Class II+III Type 2+3/Class II+III
Nominal Operating Voltage (Un) 230 VAC 230 VAC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (U1) 320 VAC 320 VAC
Open Circuit/Combined discharge Voltage 1.2/50ìs waveform (Uoc) 10 kV 20 kV
Nominal Discharge Current 8/20ìs waveform (In2) 5 kA 10 kA
Maximum Discharge Current 8/20μs waveform (Imax3) 10 kA 20 kA
Measured Limiting Voltage (MLV4) / Voltage protection level (Up)5 L-N 1.5 kV L-E 1.5 kV N-E 1.5 kV L-N 1.5 kV L-E 1.5 kV N-E 1.5 kV
Max. Rated Load Current (IL) 10 A 10 A
Response Time < 25ns < 25ns
SPD Connection Type with Load Series/Parallel Series/Parallel
SPD end of life (EOL) indication Visual LED Status Indication + Disconnection Visual LED Status Indication + Disconnection
Dynamic thermal disconnection (L-N / L-E / N-E) Yes Yes
Isolation Voltage Capability (When thermal disconnect opens) 600 V 600 V
Insulation Resistance > 1,000 MOhm > 1,000 MOhm
Luminaires classification Suitable for Class I & Class II Suitable for Class I & Class II
Box Color/Finish Cream White/Glossy finish Royal Blue/Glossy finish
  1. Maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) : 510 VAC Surge Guard model is available upon request
  2. Nominal Discharge Current (In)(A): The nominal discharge current is a measure of the SPDs endurance capability; 15 impulses of discharge current uses the 8/20μs current waveform
  3. Maximum Discharge Current (Imax)(A): The maximum discharge current is a measure of the SPDs maximum capability; single impulse of discharge current uses the 8/20μs current waveform
  4. MLV – UL1449 Measured limiting voltage; the highest value of residual voltage measurements during the application of impulses of 8/20μs nominal discharge current (In); an average voltage value of 15 impulses.
  5. Up – IEC 61643-11 Voltage protection level; the highest value of residual voltage measurements during the application of impulses of 8/20μs nominal discharge current (In); a rounding voltage value of maximum measurement.


Operating Ambient Temperature (TA) -45°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature (TSTG) -45°C to +110°C
Moisture & Humidity 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration 5Hz to 7.5Hz @ 0.5” D.A., 5.5Hz to 200Hz @ 1.5G
Shock 30g @ 11ms; 10 g @ 3ms (half sine)
Type of Protection IP 66
Body insulation Material & flammability class PA66+Fiberglass DUPONT FR50(+)(f1)


IEC 61643-11/EN 61643-11
IEC 61000-4-5
ANSI C136.2
UL 1449


Low Voltage Directive Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive Directive 2014/30/EU
RoHS Directive Directive 2002/95/ EC

Dimensional Drawing


Connection Diagram – Series


Connection Diagram – Parallel


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