Phase Extender


DEVTECH 3-Phase PLC Bridge/Xtender is specifically designed for bridging two or more Feeder Transformers or interconnection of different power systems to extend PLC data transmission in LonWorks 3-Phase (R,Y,B) Power line Networks with one segment controller.
It is an important infrastructure component intended to use for all commercial PLC network applications especially for street light management systems.

Key Features

  • Interconnection between two or more different power systems or feeder transformers (System-1 <> ? System-2 <> System-N).
  • Acts as a bridge between Power line and unpowered lonWork data networks.
  • Possible to communicate over a distance of 20 km in unpowered LonWorks data lines ( PLT+ & PLT-).
  • One segment controller can handle up to 200 devices installed in different Power line Networks.
  • Galvanic safety isolation between Input 3 Phase AC mains and Output PLT+ & PLT- terminals.
  • Operating Frequency Band : C ( Frequency band A can be available upon request).
  • Casing : IP-65

Connection Diagram

Technical Data
Line Voltage 3Ø AC 320 ~ 575V
Line Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
Ambient Temperature (ta) -40 to +55°C
Type of Protection IP 65
LonWorks PLC Frequency CENELEC C Band (110kHz – 140kHz)
Product Dimension (LXWXH) 150mm x 70mm x 40mm