Mega Saver

Devtech Megasaver (DMS) is an unique energy saving product used to drive High intensity Discharge lamps (MH / HPS / CMH/ CDM – T/ CXL). It is a retrofit, single box solution which replaces conventional ignitor, PF capacitor, magnetic coil. It gives a constant light output for wide range of input voltages, lower THD (less than 10%) and Power Factor of near Unity (>0.98). The USP of the product is it can match the Lumen level of existing higher wattage lamps with Devtech Megasaver of lower wattage. Example 400W Magnetic Ballast with 400w HID lamp can be replaced with 250W Devtech Megasaver and 250w HID lamp to give similar lumen levels thus saving 40% energy. DMS is also protected for all the vulnerabilities like Short circuit, transient surge, inrush current. Devtech Megasaver is available in ratings like 35 to 400 Watts. This product ensures energy savings up to 40% under most of the operating conditions . Devtech Megasaver can be placed at a distance of 50 meters from lamp so serviceability is an easy task. Pre-programmed scheduling of lamps can be achieved through easy settings.The product can be supplied with IP65 Ingress protection rating. This product is backed by Two Year replacement guarantee.


Protection Features

  • External 10kV/5kA Surge Protection Device (Model – DSG 1510)
  • Lamp over voltage protection & shutdown
  • Lamp under voltage protection & shutdown
  • Lamp short circuit/Warm-up failure protection & shutdown
  • Open circuit/No-lamp protection & shutdown
  • End-of-lamp-life (EOLL) detection & shutdown

Current Regulation Feature

  • The lighting levels can be set 100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 75% & 65%values using the switch provided on the controller
  • MEGA Lumen switch feature which boost the lamp lumen output by 10% when the switch is activated.
  • The above feature is achieved using current regulation


Product Description

Product Description

  • Energy efficient Low Frequency Controller for HPSV/MH/COD–T lamp types
  • Retrofit one box solution that replaces Ballast, PF improvement Capacitor & ignitron
  • Constants Power Output to Lamp over a wide input voltage range(90V ~ 305V AC)
  • High power Factor with value > 0.98
  • Low Harmonic Distortion with THD value < 10%
  • MEGA Lumen switch feature which boost the lamp lumen output by 10% when the switch is activated
  • Controller can be located at distance of 15 meters from lamp for easy maintenance access
  • DIP Switch with 8 levels of pre-programmable settings to adjust the lighting levels & increase energy savings.
  • Energy savings upto 30-50%.
  • ASIC and Embedded DSP Control for Ballast and Lamp protection and Dimming
  • Thermal Silicone Potting/encapsulation for trouble free operation in hostile environments for outdoor and indoor installations.
  • Aluminium Extrusion anodized casing with fins for proper heat dissipation.
  • Flicker free lamp operation.
  • Maximum lamp life as a result of optimal lamp operation
  • Lamp power and current control.
  • Controlled ignition time interval (21 sec High & 64 sec Low) attempt stops after 20 minutes. Main supply must be switched OFF and ON to reset the ballast.
  • Compliant to EMI/EMC, Safety and CE Standards
  • Comprehensive warranty.

Technical Data

Technical Data
AC Voltage Range AC 90 ~ 305V
Mains Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Operating Frequency < 200Hz
Max lgnition Voltage 5KV
Crest Factor < 1.45
Type of Protection IP 65
Ambient Temperature -40 to +550 C
Emmission CISPR 15
Immunity EN 61547
Safety IEC 61347-2-11
Low Voltage Directive Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive Directive 2014/30/EU
Electrical Data
Product Code Wattage Input Volts Line Current Poewr Factor THD Max Cable length to lamp tc point max
DMS 35W 35W 240V AC 0.158A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 50W 50W 240V AC 0.229A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 70W 70W 240V AC 0.325A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 150W 150W 240V AC 0.68A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 250W 250W 240V AC 1.12A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 320W 320W 240V AC 1.43A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
DMS 400W 400W 240V AC 1.80A >=0.98 <=5% Up to 50 Meters. 850C
Dimensional Data
Product Code Length (L) Width (W) Height (H) Net Weight
DMS 35W 145mm 88mm 47mm 1.0 Kg
DMS 50W 145mm 88mm 47mm 1.0 Kg
DMS 70W 145mm 88mm 47mm 1.0 Kg
DMS 100W 180mm 88mm 47mm 1.4kg
DMS 150W 180mm 88mm 47mm 1.4kg
DMS 200W 180mm 88mm 47mm 1.4kg
DMS 250W 220mm 115mm 70mm 2.6kg
DMS 320W 220mm 115mm 70mm 2.6kg
DMS 400W 220mm 115mm 70mm 2.6kg
Ordering Data
Product Code DMS XXW
Packing Unit 1
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