lcg 6000

Lighting Control Gear

Devtech LCG 6000 is an integral component of the smart street lighting solution and perfect choice for installers to automate their street lighting assets and take control and realize savings right from day one. The automation of the street lighting assets helps you to track and conserve energy and enables saving upto 30-50 percent. The module operates in the Sub-GHz RF (Radio Frequency) range of 433 MHz/860-960 MHz worldwide ISM bands for international markets (USA/Europe/Australia/NZ). Devtech wireless LCG modules are agnostic and can be fitted to any lighting luminaire (HID – High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide/CMH/CDM-T, Induction, LED’s, Plasma etc) equipped with Ballast/Driver on homogenous or heterogeneous lighting loads for control, monitor and report.


  • Street Lighting
  • High Mast/High Bay Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Parks & Townships
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Path way/Road way
  • Bridges & Tunnels
  • Warehouse/Parking Lot
  • Hazardous locations
  • Mines
lcg application

Product Description

  • Sub-GHz RF (Radio Frequency) based Lighting Control Gear with two-way wireless mesh communication between lamp Ballasts (drivers) and segment controller (Devtech IoT Gateway 5103 Series).
  • Available in different RF frequency range of 433 MHz/860-960 MHz worldwide ISM bands for international markets (USA/Europe/Australia/NZ) (Contact DEVTECH M2M).
  • Provides reliable long range wireless coverage up to several hundred of meters per hop (up to 240 hops per packet).
  • Devtech wireless mesh technology enables robust, self healing and self forming mesh network and provides maximum connectivity within the network even in the harshest environments.
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership for the lighting network by extending LCG network nodes to gateway (segment controller) with ratio 1:256 and also by reducing installation and deployment costs.
  • Connects directly to Devtech IoT Gateway 5103 Series located on feeder panel N/W to offer a WAN IP connectivity to Intelligent Street light control Devtech iStreet. Network software (Standalone/Cloud based server application) for remote monitoring, controlling operations and data acquisition of vital electrical parameters from off-site location with substantial amount of energy savings and reduced Maintenance, Repair and operation (MRO) cost.
  • Optimizes communications with RF meshing/repeating.
  • Enables remote command and control at each and every lamp.
  • Built in metering engine with Class 1 accuracy which captures and reports all the real time energy metering parameters as well as records the historical usage type data such as energy consumption (KWh) and lamp/device running hours.
  • Each LCG device can work in two independent RF networks.
  • Can be added seamlessly to any existing power line or RF based smart street lighting network.
  • Automatic detection of failures and warnings, reporting and shut down.
  • Future proofs upgradable lighting systems at lower cost with remote OTA (Over the Air) Firmware upgrade abilities.
  • Dimming capability using 0-10V/PWM Lighting control an optional DALI.
  • Light levels can be programmed to synchronize with usage schedule and modified due to schedule changes “on the fly”.
  • Quiet , cool operation and Environmentally friendly.
  • Flexibility and Ease in Lighting Control.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Comprehensive warranty .
  • Devtech’s flexible architecture enables to use with multiple lighting technologies on homogeneous and heterogeneous lighting loads to suit end-user needs and technology evolution.
    • HPS/MH/CMH/CDM-T Lighting – Magnetic / Electronic Ballast
    • LED Lighting – Driver
    • Induction Lighting – Electronic Ballast/Generator
    • Plasma Lighting

* ANSI 136.41 compliant photocell socket version available upon request for US markets.

System Architecture

sysarch lcg6000

Connection Diagram


Technical Data

AC Voltage Range AC 90 ~ 305V
Current Max 10Amps
Mains Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power Output Max 2000 Watt
Ambient Temperature -40 to +700 C
Case Temperature 800 C
Moisture and Humidity 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration 5 Hz to 7.5 Hz @ 0.5” D.A., 5.5 Hz to 200 Hz @ 1.5G
Shock 30 g @ 11 ms; 100 g @ 3 ms (half sine)
Type of Protection IP 66

RF Specifications

Sub-GHz RF band433 MHZ, 863 MHz – 868 MHZ 900 MHz – 929 MHZ

RF modulation FSK/GFSK
Programmable RF output power Max 12.5 mW (10.96dBm)
RF range (in free space & line of sight) 600 Meters per hop with small antenna
No. of hops 240 hops per packet in real time (100 hops in 1 sec)
RF bit rate 1.2 kb/s – 86.2 kb/s
No. of channels 62 channels for 868 MHZ, 189 channels for 916 MHZ
Mesh routing algorithm Full MESH, Reduced MESH, Optimized MESH


EmissionCISPR 15 FCC Part 15 Class B

Immunity EN 61547
Safety IEC 61347
Radio EN 301489-1/EN 301489-3

Devtech LCG 6000 Control/Monitor/Protection or Alarm (Using function) Description

1. Ballast/Driver ON/OFF 2. Step Dimming via 0-10V / PWM (0 ~ 100% Lamp Power)
1. Supply Voltage (V) 6. Lamp Voltage / Current
2. Supply Current (A) 7. Ballast / Lamp Status
3. Active Power (W) 8. Ballast / Lamp Burning Hours
4. Apparent Power (VA) 9. Ballast Temperature (°C)
5. Energy consumption (KWh) 10. Power Factor (PF)
Protection / Alarm
1. High / Low Input Voltage Cut OFF 7. Lamp undervoltage / Warm up failure protection and Shut down
2. High/Low Input Current Cut OFF 8. Lamp over voltage protection & Shut down
3. High/Low Input Power Cut OFF 9. Lamp Short Circuit Protection & Shutdown
4. Low Power Factor Cut OFF 10. Lamp Open circuit / Ignition failure Protection and Shutdown
5. High Ballast Temperature Cut OFF 11. Ballast / Lamp failure Protection & Shutdown
6. Lamp EOLL (End of lamp life) shutdown 12. Fast Transient Lamp Under-Voltage Protection and shutdown


Low Voltage Directive Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive Directive 2014/30/EU
RoHS Directive Directive 2002/95/ EC

Dimensional Data

Length (L) Width (W) Height (H) Nett Weight
109mm 70mm 40mm 0.35 Kg

Installation Guidelines

The LCG 6000 Lighting Control Gear can be installed within the lighting fixture, in the access tray opening of the lighting fixture pole, in the gear tray or in a separate box. Figure shows a typical installation within the lighting fixture.

lcg installation

Installation for the LCG 6000 module is simple:

1. Install the LCG 6000 module.
2. Connect AC mains power to the LCG 6000 Mains Input.
Important: Disconnect line voltage before installing or replacing the LCG 6000 module.
3. Connect the power output of the LCG 6000 module to the luminaire power supply (electronic ballast/ generator or driver).
4. Connect the LCG 6000 control signal wires (0-10V/PWM dimming) to the ballast control