Devtech Fugen

LonMark International Certified Digital Lighting Controller for High Intensity Discharge lamps (HPS/MH/CMH/CDM-T) which communicates with IoT Gateway 5104 using bidirectional LonWorks® PLCC mesh technology and connects to iStreet.Network cloud software for remote monitoring & controlling operations from the off-site location to enable energy savings and reduced MRO cost. It is provided with all kinds of input and output protections, wide operating input voltage range from 90 to 305VAC, Unity power factor and Total Harmonics (THD) less than 5%. It can be used for all Industrial, Commercial and Street lighting applications

Addressable electronic ballast


  • Street Lighting
  • High Mast/High Bay Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Parks & Townships
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Path way/Road way
  • Bridges & Tunnels
  • Warehouse/Parking Lot
  • Hazardous locations
  • Mines
lcg application

Key Features

  • LonWorks® Power line-based energy efficient Digital Lighting Controller for HPS/MH/CMH/CDM-T lamp types.
  • Communicates directly to Devtech IoT Gateway 5104 located on LT power line network feeder using bidirectional LonWorks® Power line carrier communication (PLCC) mesh technology and connects to Intelligent Streetlight control Devtech iStreet.Network software (Standalone/Cloud based server application) for remote monitoring, controlling operations and data acquisition of electrical parameters from off-site location with substantial amount of energy savings and reduced Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) cost.
  • Optimizes communications with integrated power line meshing/Repeating.
  • Enables remote command and control at each and every lamp.
  • Built in metering engine which captures and reports all the real time energy metering parameters as well as records the historical usage type data such as energy consumption (KWh) & lamp/device running hours.
  • Light levels can be programmed to synchronize with usage schedule and modified due to schedule changes “on the fly”.
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership for the lighting network by extending DFG network nodes to gateway with ratio 1:60.
  • Automatic detection of failures and warnings, reporting and shut down.
  • Wide range of dimming from 50 to 100% output power with 1% step level of dimming to adjust lighting levels & increase energy savings.
  • Lighting levels can be scheduled for ON, OFF, Dimming % from cloud software based on Astronomical or Real Time Clock (RTC) settings.
  • Flicker free lamp operation.
  • Retrofit one box solution that replaces conventional Magnetic Ballast, PF improvement Capacitor and External Ignitor.
  • Maximum lamp life as a result of optimal lamp operation.
  • High Power Factor with value 0.98.
  • Low Harmonic Distortion with THD value 5%.
  • Controller can be located at a distance of 15 meters from lamp for easy maintenance access.
  • Thermal Silicone Potting/encapsulation for trouble free operation in hostile environments for outdoor and indoor installations.
  • Aluminium Extrusion anodized casing with fins for proper heat dissipation.
  • External 10kV/5kA Surge Protection Device (Model – DSG 1510).
  • Compliant to EMI/EMC, Safety, CE and LonMark Standards.
  • Quiet, cool operation and Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Comprehensive warranty

Technical Data

Addressable electronic ballast - Devtech M2M

Technical Data
Rated Voltage AC 90 ~ 305V
Mains Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power Factor >= 0.98
THD <= 5%
Lamp Op. Frequency 147 Hz
Max. Ignition Voltage 4 kV ~ 5 kV
Ambient Temperature -40 to +550 C
Case Temperature (tc) Max 80°C
LonWorks Frequency CENELEC C Band (110kHz – 140kHz)
Integrated LonWorks® PLCC Enabled Streetlighting System Control/Monitor / Protection or Alarm (Using function) Description
Controlling 1. Ballast Power ON/OFF 2. Step Dimming (50% ~ 100% Lamp Power)
Monitoring 1. Supply Voltage 6. Lamp Voltage
2. Supply Current 7. Lamp Current
3. Input Power 8. Ballast / Lamp Status
4. Power Factor 9. Ballast/Lamp Operating Hours
5. KWh Energy consumption 10. Ballast Temperature
Protection / Alarm 1. High/Low Input Voltage Cut OFF 7. Lamp undervoltage / Warm up failure protection and Shut down
2. High/Low Input Current Cut OFF 8. Lamp over voltage protection and Shut down
3. High/Low Input Power Cut OFF 9. Lamp Short Circuit Protection and Shutdown
4. Low Power Factor Cut OFF 10. Lamp Open circuit / Ignition failure Protection and Shutdown9.
5. High Harmonic distortion Cut OFF 11. Ballast / Lamp failure Protection and Shutdown
6. High Ballast Temperature Cut OFF 12. Fast Transient Lamp Under-Voltage protection and Shutdown
13. Lamp EOLL ( End of lamp life) shutdown


Emission CISPR 15 Edition 8.0
Immunity EN 61547
Safety IEC 61347-2-11
LonWorks ISO/IEC 14908-1 ISO/IEC 14908-3


Low Voltage Directive Directive 2014/35/EU
EMC Directive Directive 2014/30/EU
Electrical Data
Product Code Wattage Input Volts Line Current Poewr Factor THD Max Cable length to lamp tc point max
DFG 35W 35W 240V AC 0.158A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 50W 50W 240V AC 0.229A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850
DFG 70W 70W 240V AC 0.325A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 100W 100W 240V AC 0.458A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 150W 150W 240V AC 0.68A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 200W 200W 240V AC 0.90A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 250W 250W 240V AC 1.12A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 320W 320W 240V AC 1.43A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
DFG 400W 400W 240V AC 1.80A 1 = 5% Up to 50 Meters. 850 C
Dimensional Data
Product Code Length (L) mm Width (W) mm Height (H) mm Nett Weight kg
DFG 35W 145 88 90 2
DFG 50W 145 88 90 2
DFG 70W 145 88 90 2
DFG 100W 180 88 90 2.8
DFG 150W 180 88 90 2.8
DFG 200W 180 88 90 2.8
DFG 250W 220 115 114 3.6
DFG 320W 220 115 114 3.6
DFG 400W 220 115 114 3.6