Devtech 3 Phase Coupler

Devtech 3 Phase Coupler is specifically designed for the Gateway products (IoT 5101/5104) which uses power line communication (PLC) mesh technology. It is used for coupling AC mains with PLC data lines (PLT + and PLT -). This can also be used for connecting AC mains signals between mutually different 3 phases (R, Y, B) in the PLC environment and especially optimized to be used in the LonWorks® power line communication. It is an important infrastructure component intended to use for all commercial PLC network applications especially for Street light management systems.


  • Acts as a bridge between AC Mains and PLC Data lines ( PLT + and PLT -).
  • Attenuates large AC Mains signals ( 50 ~ 60Hz) while passing high frequency PLC communication signals.
  • Galvanic safety isolation between AC Mains and PLT+ & – terminals
  • Supports Line-to- Neutral Coupling.



Connection Diagram


Technical Data

Line Voltage (P-N) AC 110 ~ 305V
Line Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
Ambient Temperature (ta) -40 to +55°C
PLC Operating Frequency CENELEC C Band (110kHz ~ 140kHz) CENELEC A Band (60kHz ~ 90kHz)

Installation Instructions

  • Installation must only be performed by a qualified electrician.
  • Turn off the power at the main breaker panel.
  • Be sure that all power has been disconnected by turning off the main breaker panel then Connect only copper or copper clad wire to this device.
  • If required, install a circuit breaker in the breaker panel according to current rating according to the load.
  • After all connections have been made, be certain that all wire connectors are firmly attached and there is no exposed copper.
  • Install 3 Phase Powerline communication Coupler into panel box.
  • Retain these instructions for reference.

Dimensional Data

3ph dimensions

Ordering Information

DPL-C 3 Phase Powerline communication Coupler- C-Band
DPL-A 3 Phase Powerline communication Coupler- A-Band