The ability of advanced lighting solutions to transform cities into intelligent or smart cities is an accepted fact. The developments in this field are expected to gain momentum over the coming years because of increased connectivity and deployment of Internet of things (IoT) solutions. The IoT street light management system is becoming an essential feature of many cities around the world.

Street Light Management System

IoT Street Light Management System – Top Advantages

Civil authorities and city planners have started realizing that shifting to smart LED street lighting is the need of the hour. This is because 40 percent of the energy budget of a city is attributable to street lighting. A modern and efficient lighting system can save as much as 50 percent of these costs. Moreover, it contributes to a reduction in environmental impact.

An intelligent street lighting system comes with remote communication ability. Such a networked system enables measuring, monitoring, and control through wired/wireless communication between the central control module and lights in the street.

An IoT street light management system enables remote adaptive control by way of opening up opportunities for dynamically improving power usage and optimizing efficiency. The system makes use of sensors and micro controllers for the purpose. For example, the brightness is increased or reduced on the basis of weather conditions and density of traffic, among others.

It is the ability of the system to perform predictive diagnostics that allows authorities to cut down maintenance costs. The system provides alerts when abnormal conditions, functional defects, or malfunctioning of lights arise. This enables the authorities to schedule preventive maintenance activities.

Further, studies show that IoT based street lighting systems help to improve public safety and security in urban areas. This, in turn, results in a reduction in crimes and enhancement of the quality of life. Further, the safety of pedestrians, riders and drivers also improve.

Devtech IoT Street Light Management System

Devtech M2M, a research-oriented organization that employs innovative technology for manufacturing energy efficiency products, offers IoT street light management system. The components of the system include a Lighting Control Gear, Gateway, and Software.

The Control Gear fixed to each street light in the network ensures better control, problem identification, and energy savings. In addition, it allows the individual lights to be controlled from a remotely located command centre.

The Gateway, an IoT based M2M segment controller, employs the IQRF mesh technology for collecting data from a set of Control Gears. The controller, linked with cloud-enabled software by way of a WAN communication network such as 2G/3G cellular, GSM/GPRS, or Wi-Fi for enabling remote monitoring.

The remote monitoring software that powers the IoT street light management system is powered by The central management software helps set dimming schedules, receive failure reports, and provide energy consumption details.

The Surge Protection Device from Devtech, ideally suited for outdoor lighting installations, provides protection against over-voltage surges and lightning strikes.